Over population = Global Warming = Climate Change

1 Billion, 1804 - 2 Billion, 1930 - 3 Billion, 1960 - 4 Billion, 1974 - 5 Billion, 1987 - 6 Billion, 1999 - 7 Billion, 2011 - 8 Billion, 2023 - 9 Billion, 2037 - 10 Billion, 2057
This problem is mainly reported as Climate Change although Climate Change is a result of Global Warming which is a result of Over Population. Climate Change can be minimized but not eliminated as long as Over Population exists. Both are being worked on Globally. Hence the larger problem. To fully fix Global Warming the world population has to be reduced. This is a major issue for those who rely on over population - mainly the top one percent!

Just The Facts: World Population Growth : Our POSTS

1. The planet's major problem is population growth.

Think of it in terms of just temperature. Almost 8 Billion bodies running around, 98.6F/37C degree heat furnaces, not to mention the feed stock - Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Sheep and so on many times the number of humans and close to the same temperature. If not reversed this will not end well for anyone, anywhere on the planet.

What we are doing to the planet will not end well either. From 1930 to present the planet has added almost 6,000,000,000 extra people. That's 300% more than what the population was in 1930. 300%, this will not end well!

There is however some good news. The population has seen the issue and are working on correcting it. The planet has gone from a high population growth rate in 1969 at 2.09% to the last document level in 2020 at 1.05%. An excellent start but not enough.

The population grew by 300% in a mere 100 years and will need to shrink by the same percentage in the next 100 years. How do we do that?

The solution will be easier than expected but will require a full earth effort and a lot of 'hard love'.

If we started today the current generation will need to be one child families world wide and their kids will need to do the same. 80 years later when 2,000,000,000 is again achieved then the population can replace itself, 2 kids per family or better said one child for every parent.

We'll go into depth on these points as we get the site running. There are carrots and sticks available to achieve that result.

We will go into detail on why this is happening and point out those who are driving the increase and why. It's not a pretty story, nor is it an easy one to describe but for the good of the planet and mankind it needs to be told.

A good first start will be to stop using the term Global Warming and replace it with the original term, and current problem, Over Population. We, you and I know the planet and all it's inhabitants are at risk.

We need to answer one simple question; WHO BENEFITS?

Climate Change / Global Warming / Over Population

Nature is sending out it's antibodies to fight the disease that plaques the planet. Her RNA is spectacular to watch but comes with deadly consequences.

To Fight the Disease Nature is displaying the following symptoms:
  • The Ozone Layer is being opened to allow dangerous solar rays in to attack the disease.
  • Fires are clearing the planet of oxygen generating plants.
  • Torrential rain is drowning urban areas and destroying farm crops.
  • Hurricanes and Tornados are helping destroy even more.
  • Viruses are sent out to reduce the population.
  • Earth quakes are more violent due to the removal of earth's lubricant, oil, further heating the planet.
  • Volcanoes are spewing out lava, clearing lands, creating toxic air and heating the planet.
  • Droughts to sterilize the land against crops.

What is this disease we must conquer - OVER POPULATION!
  • The planet can comfortably sustain no more than ONE to TWO BILLION humans, as it was around 1900.
  • 8,000,000,000 people are 98.6F/37C degree heat furnaces warming all in its path.
  • Horses, cows, pigs, chickens and other feed stock are simply more heat furnaces, each, multiple times the human population.
  • Fighting the symptoms listed above is wasted effort and money, only attacking the disease will work!
  • If we don't attack and fix the disease then we truly are doomed.
Frankly, anything else is Fake News.

We'll address why Over Population stopped being the issue and Fake News changed the narrative to Global Warming.

Over Population = Global Warming = Climate Change
Do you ever get the feeling that it's the NEWS MEDIA that's causing all the problems? I KNOW I DO!